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INVINCIBLE QUILL MAGAZINE is an international poetry magazine, which features nice graphics, thought-provoking articles and everything a poet needs for a successful poetry writing journey. For all poets across the globe. We are here for the preservation and growth of poetry in the today world. We are here for the beauty and fun of poetry. We are for budding poets and established poets alike. The Invincible Quill Magazine is a project from Earnest Writes. 

What is Earnest Writes?


The core of this project sprouts from the very reason why Earnesty community was created in the first place – to help both discovered and undiscovered writers find the inspiration they need, find the push they need to continue writing and also learn a thing or two to improve their writing skills.

This project has specially curated innovations that will help you achieve a lot of writing successes.

We believe it’s conceivable to share motivation and learning online. Regardless of where on the planet you get yourself, you can be supported, inspired and directed in your career as a writer.  

We know writing a book or poetry isn’t that easy as we are writers ourselves and know and feel how writers feel – who else would you trust address issues that will help writers except writers?  

We put a lot of effort, research and thoughts into our articles and  videos to bring you the support, direction and inspiration you need to make it easier. And we don’t let you quit!  

We are all about writers empowerment and believe in the words of Maya Angelou that,  

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  

Let the story out. Unleash your inner writer and tell the story or write the poem the world wants to read.  

And you can trust the Earnest Writes  to assist you do that.

That is why we say earnest writes is the  writer’s safe haven.     

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Earnest Writes is a subisidiary of Earnesty Community. 

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©Earnesty Community Logo

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