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INVINCIBLE QUILL MAGAZINE is an international literary magazine which started as a poetry magazine.

This magazine features nice graphics, thought-provoking articles, writing tips, short stories, poetry and everything a writer needs for a successful writing journey.

For all writers across the globe.

We are here for the preservation and growth of prose and poetry in the today world.
We are here for the beauty and fun of writing.
We are for budding writers and established writers alike.

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We believe it’s conceivable to share motivation and learning online. Regardless of where on the planet you get yourself, you can be supported, inspired and directed in your career as a writer.

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Hello and Welcome to our first issue of 2020.


A new year brings with it new hope, new challenges and hopefully new success. As we all leave 2019 behind us a lot of us will be reminiscing on the year past. Thinking how they could have done this, could have achieved that. It isn’t wrong, but sometimes it leaves us forgetting to look ahead.

To me a new year is where I forget about the mistakes I did in 2019, the dreams I did not achieve and I forget about the things I simply cannot change in a year that has already passed me by.


The New Year is all about looking forward, looking to hope and looking to pushing on in spite of the previous year.

Here at the Invincible Quill Magazine, we are looking forward at what 2020 is going to bring us. We are excited about the team we are building, the writers and the graphics team that we are pleased to be expanding and improving.

We are looking forward to new poetry, new articles and interviews from authors from all genres walks of life and from anywhere in the world. We cannot wait to show you all the things we have coming to you this year from our incredible team.

A huge thank you to our amazing writers and graphic designers who talents impress us with every issue, they are doing an amazing job. Also a huge thank you to Daisy my Co-editor whose enthusiasm and humour make doing this job so easy.

One last thing to think about and remember before you read our amazing New Year edition.

Your plans, your goals and your success are coming at you from future not the past, do not forget that, so stop looking to the past for guidance.

“Look up, always, look back, never.”

  • Karen Quan.

 Hope you enjoy reading this issue,

Goodbye for now…

Belle Dowson

Co- Editor of the Invincible Quill Magazine.

Follow Belle on Instagram @Belle_Dowson


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