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Boakye D. Alpha
Founder of Earnesty Community and its brands

Boakye D. Alpha, known as ALPHA among his friends and readers is an Author, Poet, Screenwriter, Editor, Proofreader, Blogger, Motivational speaker, Student journalist and an Entrepreneur. He is currently, a student at Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology [KNUST], Ghana- Africa, in his 3rd year pursuing Bachelor of Arts, English. His favourite activity is writing and he enjoys reading, music and movies when he is not writing.

    He is the Founder of Ontherise Media Africa — an African based media group that is run on a volunteer basis by students who have an interest in journalism and writing. These students are given the needed training in order to practice journalism and writing. This group has two subsidiaries; campus360gh.com — a website for news updates, inspirational articles, lifestyle articles and poems — and Ontherise Ads — an advertising group.

     He is also the Founder of Earnesty Community and its associated brands (earnestycommunity, ec_poetry, EarnestyGraphics ) — a Wattpad based community that puts together awards events, writing contests, reviews, and many more for writers on wattpad to help them to get the publicity they need and deserve and also assist writers in their writing journey.

     Through Earnesty Community, he together with other great writers involved in the community came together and founded the Earnest Writes Project (www.earnestwrites.com) to help both discovered and undiscovered writers find the inspiration they need, find the push they need to continue writing and also learn a thing or two to improve their writing skills. The project has specially curated innovations that help writers achieve a lot of writing successes.


       He is also a brand ambassador for sweek.com - an international writing and reading website that provides writers with the opportunity to publish their stories to reach more audience and receive valuable feedback.

       He has a love for journalism and media work, therefore, works on Focus FM — a campus radio in his university.

      When he is not writing, in class, or the studio you will most likely find him coaching new writers to harness their writing talents or sinking deep in the tunes of music somewhere.

      He believes that success is when you put your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest acts and this has been his drive since childhood. This has been his strength above all things. He does his maximum best in all he does and it is his heart desire to put a smile on the faces of the homeless, orphans and those in the deprived parts of the world and touch the hearts of many with his writings (poetry, novels and articles) and other works.

    Boakye D. Alpha has self-published one of his books on Amazon and pabpub.com and hopes to one day see his books on the shelves of bookstores.

Carli Buckle


Known by her fellow officials as Lucy, she started out as a humble judge at our very first Earnesty writer's awards, proving that hard work and dedication can accomplish so much if only you put your mind to it.

She has been writing poetry for most her life and only recently taking up writing literature when she joined Wattpad, she has no idea how she had lived so long without it. She is a creative mind that's had a thirst for knowledge that can't seemed to be quenched. She's bilingual and spends most her time reading, writing and editing.

Though she is on various writing platforms, EC is her home and Wattpad is where it all began. We are in a constant state of learning and improving, she encourages everyone she meets to start writing, finding a joy in it that she herself could not explain. Never give up, never back down, one day you will look back and see you just had to learn and grow from the experience.


Kanishma Ray

At the ripe age of 13, Kanishma Ray started her journey as a writer and critic working for brands such as Fandom101 and AWD on Wattpad. Currently pursuing her passion for modernist literature and creative writing, Ray takes a great deal of pride in her work and her knowledge of attracting the perfect audience for her blogs.

She used her passion and dedication for the craft of writing and co-founded Earnesty Community with the goal to guide writers through their writing process and bring them together in a place they could call home. Ray brings understanding, enthusiasm and creativity to her role as the co-founder to ensure that Earnesty Community and its projects reach all their goals with the excellence she aims for.

Belle Dowson
Editor-in-Chief Prose Division
Daisy Cabret
Editor-in-chief Poetry Division

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