Dear Boo is an advice journal — now also a column in the Invincible Quill Magazine — for anyone who needs someone to talk to. I listen and give my advice about any topic possible —rape, eating disorders, psychological disorders, self-harm, suicide attempts, abuse, and much more.

I have experience by training with the Crisis Text Line, as well as helping friends throughout the years. With many nursing and psychology classes under my belt—mixed with my personal experience of psychological issues, they allow me to have a better knowledge of whatever topic is being discussed.

Having an issue and need an ear the will listen and give you any advice? Then write to me. I will read every letter that is sent to me, write a reply to it and publish it in the Invincible Quill Magazine issue. But that is not the only way I can get your issues addressed. There are many ways to reach me and I offer different ways you can get your letter answered but remember, that if you choose to let your problem and the advice I will have to give get published in the magazine, your story can save someone else somewhere.  

I will not judge anyone. You will be kept anonymous in your letter by using a fake name chosen by me or yourself.

If a topic is heavy, I will include a trigger warning at the top.

I keep it real and won’t sugar coat anything. So slip off your shoes and come get comfy with us. Open up your heart and mind to someone else’s life. Maybe you’ll realize you’re not alone in your situation.

This is life—real, raw, and uncut!

Listen, we all have issues and need a listening ear from time to time, that’s why I am here. I have found that we keep our problems to ourselves in fear of judgement and I want to change that. I have experience in helping people on endless topics and I want to extend that to you. 

yes, you! I am here for you. 

Note that I answer letters in the order they are sent to me—unless it deals with a severe topic that I feel needs answered immediately.

What are others saying?

This is a name chosen by you to be displayed with the letter.
Remember, that if you choose to let your letter get answered in the magazine, your story can save someone else somewhere.
Remember to begin the letter with 'Dear Boo'

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You are more than welcome to read them, take lessons from them and even comment your thoughts as well. 

However, i will NOT tolerate bullying, racism, homophobia or any other hate speech. Let’s spread positivism. I believe in equal rights for all and will support anyone. Any hateful comment will be deleted. 


Dear Boo, Eliza

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